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About Us

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Welcome to Bonsai Northwest! Most oldtimers know that Bonsai Northwest has been around for a long time. For the newcomers to Seattle or to bonsai, perhaps a little history is in order.

About BonsaiNW

Bonsai Northwest was started by Sharon Muth 30 years ago when she made and sold bonsai pots to local club members. Gradually she expanded into finished trees and starter lessons.

Fifteen years ago two big changes occured, we started importing Japanese pots and our son John joined the business. John pioneered importing trees and at the same time greatly expanded our pottery with numerous trips to China and Korea to line up reliable suppliers.

Twelve years ago another big change occured, we moved into our present location in the South Seattle area. The time since then has seen many changes: regrading, wall building, greenhouse expansion, the addition of a koi pond with waterfall, and a larger retail shop.

About BonsaiNW

Today we are proud to be one of the best and largest Bonsai sources in America. We are also proud that our son has taken over the business. Thus insuring our continued service to you for many years.