Need Bonsai Soil?

Since closing our retail store, there has been a long list of calls and emails about bonsai soil. Due to this demand we are offering 2 types of bonsai soil for pick up in Maple Valley. Please click on the link below to email us which type and quantity of soil you would like. We will put together an invoice, setup secure online payment, and schedule a pick up.

BNW Mix - 4 gallons - $25

This soil mixture is equal parts pumice/lava/bark. Bonsai Northwest has been using this soil mix for decades and it does very well for our wet climates. This is our recommended economical soil mix as all the components are sourced locally in the pacific northwest.

Boon Mix - 4 gallons - $50

This soil mix is preferred by bonsai professionals like Boon Manakitivipart. It is equal parts pumice/lava/akadama. Akadama is a japanese clay that is imported from japan. While expensive, it is inorganic, and unlike bark will not decompose over time. This results in healthier roots and healthier trees.